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Hand-Woven Pink Shades Band with Fuchsia Leather Cord

Hand-Woven Pink Shades Band with Fuchsia Leather Cord

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Panama hat is also known as Ecuadorian hat, made with 100% straw. The factory is located in Cuenca - Ecuador and is weaved by hand by the natives of Monte Cristi-Manta. Decorations are added by hand as well and made of cultural textiles from this country.

100% handcrafted in Ecuador
This hat has UPF Rating 50+protection

Shape: “Aguacate” hat

Material: Ecuadorian Toquilla Straw
Brim: 3 in. Crown height 3.80 in

Size: Medium. Circumference 57 cm or 22.5”  

Color: Brown
Details: Ecuadorian hand-made/ weaved pink shades band with fuchsia leather coard
Manufacture type: Handmade

Hat care:

Cleaning suggestions

Spot clean as any other delicate fabric, testing your method first in an inconspicuous area inside the hat

Apply baking soda to absorb grease stains, then gently brush off

Avoid rubbing too hard during cleaning, or the fabric may be damaged

Repair suggestions
If the fabric has a crease or is fuzzy, it can be pressed with a dry iron using a medium heat setting

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Ecuadorian Hats 

All our hats can be sent wrapped as a gift, you can also choose to send a message and we will make a personalized card. 

All our photos and videos are taken by ourselves

How to measure your head?

Step 1: take a measuring tape. Place the starting end of the measuring tape at the middle of your forehead.

Step 2: now while holding the starting end of the measuring tape, wrap the tape slowly around the head. Make sure you keep wrapping the tape above your ears, at the place where the hat will be resting. Join the end of the measuring tape and note down the measurements on paper.

Step 3: the last step is to refer to the table above to convert your hat size measurement 

S: Inches: 21 1/8 - 21 1/2 metric 54 - 55

M: Inches: 21 7/8 - 22 1/4 metric 56 - 57

L: Inches: 22 5/8- 23 metric 58 - 59

Care Instructions

How to care for a natural straw hat:

1. Do not get your straw hat wet! This will cause the straw to swell and lose its shape.

2. Always handle your hat by its brim. Do not pinch the crown, this will result in cracked straw.

3. Never rest your straw hat on its brim. Always turn it upside down and set it on the crown, so
that the brim doesn’t flatten out.

4. To dust off, use a soft brush.

5. To remove stains, wipe with a cloth, then let it dry naturally with the brim turned up.

6. Steam it to shape if necessary.
7. Misshapen flat brim straw hats can be shaped carefully with a lukewarm - not hot - steam iron.

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